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2020 Vision, Love For One Another
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Church & Organization Life Membership Dedications!

Adoption of Tree on MLK Festival Grounds

Thank you, City of Temple and Parks and Recreation, for the donated trees and the to-be-adopted tree with markers for our inaugural planting of trees in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Life Member Organization of the NAACP Temple Branch.

Tree Plantings

The NAACP Temple Branch will dedicate five inaugural trees, one tree adopted in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s honor, and four trees plannted as a tribute representing our current long-time Church, Organizational, and Business Life Members.

#1-MLK Festival Grounds 220 Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Temple, TX 76501

Marker: NAACP Temple Branch Tree Adopted Jan 2023 Dr MLK Jr Day

#2-Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church - 417 S 13th St, Temple, TX 76504

#3-St. James Lodge #71 306 South 12th Street (The African American Churches Historic District)

#4-Victory Missionary Baptist Church - 1001 E Avenue A, Temple, TX 76501

#5-St. James United Methodist Church – 707 S 3rd Street, Temple, TX 76504

Life Member Marker: NAACP Temple Branch LIFE MEMBER Planted 2023 Dr MLK Jr Day

The trees represent life and the NAACP's Growing Change in our branch and community. Watch the numbers grow across the city on the interactive map on the website. The plantings will be at Life Member's scheduling, documented, and placed on our website.

Find out more about our Life Membership Drive Here

Click on the image for a live interactive map. Watch the map grow over the years as we add more Life Memberships.

2023 NAACP Temple Branch Theme

A Growing Change in the NAACP in 2023

In love for our community and being conscious of its needs, with determination and hard work, we will intentionally give our all to make a difference in our city with Equity, Equality, and Security. You will see a growing change in our NAACP which will reflect in our community in a positive way.

We are stronger together and desire to make changes, and we have the power to do so. We are creating partnerships, relationships, and momentum in the community, which is why your membership is so important. Through your donated time, effort, and knowledge, we will grow and help our society rise above inequity, inequality, and insecurity.

Growing Change in Equity - Business decision-making is a shift in structure, policy, or growth in the economy. We will work with some of our members and community partners with expertise in these areas to empower residents and value our dollar.

Growing Change in Equality – In social and racial justice movements, equality can increase inequities in communities as not every group of people needs the same resources or opportunities allocated to them to thrive. We will host workshops or webinars with an equality focus and discussions throughout the year.

Growing Change in Security – Lack of protection, jobs, inadequacy in education, mental illness, and social conditioning, produces anxiety and fear about our goals, relationships, and ability to handle certain situations in life, such as school, work, and home. We will host multiple workshops with professionals to promote awareness in many areas.

So we are encouraging you as individuals, and as organizations to become members, we are stronger in numbers and diverse in knowledge, and your opinions are needed and matter.

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