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2020 Vision, Love For One Another
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For membership questions please contact Alesia Dawson, Membership Chair

Regular Annual Membership Fees:

*Regular Adult (Ages 21 & Older) $30
*Youth (Ages 20 & Under) $10
W.I.N. (Women in NAACP) (Only available to active members) $10
*Annual Corporation $5000


Life Membership Fees:

**Junior Life (Payable in annual installments of $25 or More) $100 Ages 13 & Under
**Bronze Life (Payable in annual installments of $50 or More) $400 Ages 14-20
**Silver Life (Payable in annual installments of $75 or More) $750
**Gold Life (Payable in annual installments of $150 or More) $1500 Only available to Silver or Regular Life Members
**Diamond Life (Payable in annual installments of $250 or More) $2500 Only available to Gold or Golden Heritage Life Members



Church, Business, or Organization:

Consider joining the Temple NAACP Unit as a Leader or Business in the community.

Are you unable to attend 50% of the regular monthly meeting? Sign up a representative to attend on your behalf.

Your Youth Pastor or Community Liaison can bring back to your church, business, or organization shared information from the meetings.


Youth Sponsorship:

Are you Interested in sponsoring a youth or several youth at the cost of $10 a year?  Please contact us here to learn more.

Click here to JOIN or PAY DUES ONLINE (Convenience fee applied)

If you would prefer to join by mail, please print out this downloadable PDF, and send it with a check to:

NAACP Temple Branch

P.O. Box 157

Temple, TX 76503

Life Members

If your name or organization is missing please email

(* Deceased)

Rev. Ernest Benson (Silver Subscribing)

Jim Alphonso Brooks (Silver)

Laura Calhoun (Silver)

R L Canady (Silver Subscribing)

Myrtle Captain *

Alesia Dawson (Silver Subscribing)

George English (Silver)

Leontene English

Willie Floyd

Lisa Go (Silver)

Terris Goodwin (Silver Subscribing)

Zoe Grant (Silver)

Doris Gregg (Silver) *

Jennifer Gregg (Silver)

Johnnie Lavin

Virginia Leak (Silver Subscribing)

William Leak (Silver)

W.L. McDaniel *

Mary Miller (Silver)

Mira Miller (Youth Life) 2 yrs old as of 2023

Tristan Josia-Lee Nickles-Manuel (Youth Life) 10 yrs old as of 2023

Jerico D Taylor (Youth Life) 13 yrs old as of 2023)

Roxie Moore (Silver) *

Gail Peek (Silver)

Bobbie N Pennington

Melvin Pennington

Dan Posey (Silver)

Eloys Ratliff

Stanley Shider (Silver)

Hattie Steward (Silver Subscribing)

Bismark Thomas

Contance Thomas

Lucas Wong (Silver)

Bennie Walsh (Silver Subscribing)

Renae Walsh (Silver Subscribing)

Church, Organzation and Business Life Members

Cooks Barber Shop

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

St. James Masonic Lodge

Jim Alphonso Brooks

Victory Missionary Baptist Church

St. James United Methodist Church

Temple Chamber of Commerce (Subscribing)

Baylor Scott & White (Life Member, Community Partner)

Do you have more questions before joining? Please leave your name and contact information and you will be contacted shortly. Thank you for your interest!
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 Your Pride is Showing!

Community Survey

Attention active and inactive members of youth, churches, and organizations, please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us know how we can better serve our community. This form is voluntary, and your input is greatly appreciated. We recognize that your response is significant to us and will help us improve our community involvement.  

Click Here to take the survey.  If you know someone who needs a paper copy mailed please email Temple NAACP Branch and provide their name and address. 

Membership Commercial

2023 Life Membership Challenge

For every Church, Organization, or Business Life Membership ($1500 or $2500) (Fully Paid), we will plant a tree in your honor at your location or in a park of your choice around the city. Those Silver Life members who come in at or currently are at the $750 level can pay the cost of the tree to have one planted in your honor. Find out more.

Our inaugural recipients of the honor trees are Mt Zion Missionary Baptist, St. James Masonic Lodge, Victory Missionary Baptist Church, and St. James United Methodist Church.

Click on this interactive map below to watch the growth of our life memberships


2022 New Members

Alfreda (Latrice) Sullivan

Samuel Blango

Angela Brown

Lela Butler

Shatonya Craddock

Deonta Davis

Debbie Evans

Randall Evans Sr. 

George Feagin

Ebony Gebrehawariat

Dr. Remy Godfrey

Courtney Hertzog

Marry Ho

Vivianna Mays

Leslie Murphy

Lynda Nash

Terrell Simpson (Silver Life Member)

Reginald Turner (Subscribing Silver Life Member)

Angela Valdez

Billie Warner

Willie Warner

Lovie Williams

2023 New Members

Heather Bates

Rev. Ernest Benson (Sub. Life)

Pamela Best

Richard Best

Michelle Cannon

James Clarke Jr. 

Natasha Sunday Clarke

Tamara Clothier

Kendra Eboigbodin

Georgia Guderyahn

Evelyn High

Joni Hoyle

Ami Hooper

Bobbie Kettles

James Kettles

Denise Kersey

LaShavio Little

Myra Loyd

Mira Miller (Youth Life) 2 yrs old as of 2023

Tristan Josia-Lee Nickles-Manuel (Youth Life) 10 yrs old as of 2023

Paulette Nealy

Robin Peeples

Paul Romer

Christine Rosenberg

Williams Rosenberg

Sandra Russell

Frank Smith

Alvin Stephens

Christopher Stephens

Elizabeth (Liz) Stephens

J Jamal (Chico) Taylor (Youth)

Jerico D (JD) Taylor (Youth Life) 13 yrs old as of 2023)

Bryant Ward

Clinton Weaver

Khirea Webster

Michelle Villarreal

Hazel Williams

Damarion Willis (Youth)

Vance Willis

Baylor Scott & White (Life Member, Community Partner)

2024 New Members

Teresa Beamon

Mary Lynn Cobb

Dayla Collins (Youth)

Doris Collins (Youth)

Theron Collins (Youth)

Trayven Collins (Young Adult)

Zea Davis

Terris Goodwin (Sub Silver Life)

Dashon King

Alannah Kleinpeter (Youth)

Seagram Porter

Dan Posey (Silver Life)

Jameka Gray

Jasmine Gray (Youth)

Michael Gray (Youth)

Jayceon Gregg (Youth)

Aresia Jones

Gavin Jones (Youth)

Mark Jones

Naveah Jones (Youth)

Janet Massington

Sandra Massington

Brynn Myers

Preston Myers (Youth)

Troy Myers (Youth)

Elizabeth Page

Albert Pinchback

June Pinchback

Jaiden Taylor (Youth)

Mable Wilbert

Jayceaon Willis (Youth)

Zavion Willis (Youth)

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Temple, TX 76503
Phone: 254.421.7930


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